Merat now has a good reason to be happy.

He took a picture of the beautiful landscape.


What the hell was he thinking?

Welcome to Tatoeba!

Rajiv slept much longer than he had planned to.

I thought Vick would love it.

Honzo is still in his office.

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I can't hear them.

Why did you buy a car?

Turkish is a very regular and logical language.


It is an advantage to be able to use a computer.

Bart loves his wife.

There are few spectators.

When you wake up tomorrow morning, you will find a wonderful thing.

It was an informal meeting.

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Walt thinks Marty is still in Boston.

Is that what Sigurd would want?

That is the house where I have lived for a long time.

This has gone too far.

Don't take your eyes off her.

He is immediately above me in rank.

We know that's not true.

Is that a fact?

Everybody wants permanent peace.


It was too difficult for Jane to go to school alone.

A timely snow promises a good harvest.

He often stays away from home on the weekend.

You knew how to count to ten when you were two years old.

No one ever came.

I suppose you know where Jane is.

Her inheritance gave her a purse adequate to satisfy all her needs and wants.


Normally, that should work.


Anderson put a lot of honey on his toast.

He kept playing the same record over and over until I had to leave the room.

I didn't tell him the truth for fear he would get angry.

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We could walk.


I don't care how bad it hurts.

The leader of this country is fiercely anti-American.

What a huge setback will make a people suicide.


Sally is usually the last to leave, but last night Matt left after he did.


The exercises are simple and effective.

I will see her again soon.

My uncle will have been in New York for two years next month.

She did warn you.

We named the boat the Half Moon.

I'll see you later tonight.

Have you got needle and thread?


She wears a veil to hide her wounds.

Can I go out to play, Dad?

Let's get some brochures from the travel bureau.


I don't think Floyd knows my telephone number.

You're pregnant.

Sjaak's residence is a little too big for just one person.

It's very easy to become a member in this library.

I was only following orders.

The phone rang for a long time.

I can't count on Susan.

Don't cry. Everything will be OK.

I wonder if it will be sunny outside.


Of course you can take it if you want.

The game download is 1% to completion.

What else did you find out about Gregg?

They visited us.

How do babies communicate with their parents?


You eat lobster for Christmas? Are you serious?

I don't see her often.

Nobody listens to me.


Which dead musician would you like to come back as a zombie?


It's fall where they are.


Marcos won't get away.

What have you told him?

Why do we need Andreas here?

Photography is a form of time travel.

If you're hungry, then eat.


I couldn't believe what was happening.


How about a glass of wine?

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Let her be beautiful and let me forget her.

Inhospitality against the elderly is an unfortunate thing.

Doyle was raised in a small village.

The warrior has died for you, my sweet princess.

I want to be extremely happy.

Then what's your problem?

There's a fishing lodge near Boston that I often go to.

He lent me two books, neither of which I have read as yet.

Life is but an absurd dream.


It could be a big problem.

I take it all back.

Vincenzo took off his coat and threw it on the floor.

Will you join me?

Barbara has arrived.


I suddenly saw myself reflected in a window pane and it startled me.

Matter is composed chiefly of nothing.

I'm getting really tired.

May you defeat all our enemies.

Pitawas probably didn't do the work himself.

You'll pay for what you did to her.

Are you going to do anything special for Christmas?

I'm stuck in traffic, I'll be there at ten.

Look, here comes your train.

We are going to travel by car.

She's a law-abiding citizen.

Don't be fooled by her angelic looks.

You could slow down.


I just missed Taurus.

We shouldn't have stayed up all night.

An army marches on its stomach.

She was out of temper with her brother.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking you're thinking?" "That depends on whether what I'm thinking you're thinking I'm thinking is what I'm thinking."

I'm residing in the house where my father came from.

Kylo has been gone for over three hours.

I found this book interesting from start to finish.

Jerald has three children to support.

I don't know him that well.

We know that if we have this problem, then everybody else has this problem, too.

Bravery is a great virtue.

I haven't seen that movie yet.


Chew your food well.

A government's policy should be to give whatever is needed to improve the life standards.

All you have to do is sit here.

Nothing remains but to die.

He observed that we should probably have rain.

Cory has already apologized for that.

Varda left after me.

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Krzysztof is imitating the teacher.


The ominous thunderstorm in the distance was gaining speed and strength.

He was hurt in the accident.

Alex wouldn't be too surprised if Jean-Pierre didn't like the puppy he gave her.

How did Rakhal and Guy get to know each other?

I am not thinking of you.

Ed wants to be a stuntman.

A button came off when I was playing baseball.

I must be missing something.

May the Force be with you.

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I'm named after your grandfather.

I excused myself from the table.

Garvey moved to New York City in 1916.

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Will thirty dollars be enough?


Politicians never tell us their inner thoughts.


It is not to be denied but that the news was a great shock to her.

I don't see any point in going if the party is almost over.

Jean-Pierre didn't say how he was planning to get there.

Give me a room near the elevator.

Do you like golf?

I don't think Laurence is Canadian.

We must be clear that when it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry.


He is the love of her life.


The tie goes with your jacket.


I'm taking tomorrow morning off from work.

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Come on, Margaret. It'll be fun.

Mother was busily cooking; in the meantime, I was just watching TV.

Can you get a message to him?

You don't have to study all day. You should go out and have some fun.

Figure it out yourself.

I like to conjugate difficult verbs.

Hold your tongue! You talk too much!

Charleen's hands were clasped, and tears of happiness stood in her eyes as she gazed.

Don't worry. I'll let you know when to turn.

I've broken enough rules for one day.

I want to get back to Italy.

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I don't want to lose my boyfriend.

Stop being so curious.

My house is far away.

They yomped through the mountains.

I didn't think you were needed.